You think good, your heart is good. You think bad, your heart is bad.

be strong

Fatini Irdina | 10:21 AM | 0Comments |
The moment you feel stressed, and missing the good old moment, sampai kadang kadang rasa nak jadi kanak kanak balik, just be happy, no need to worry about anything, no need to think about any problem. But the fact is life must go on. We will grow up. We will face the future. We'll never go back to the past time.

Be strong. Be strong. Be strong. Minta kekuatan dari Allah.
Remember that you are here not only for yourself. Tahu, benda ni tak senang, takde sape nak tolong hamparkan karpet merah. Semua orang tengah struggle, bukan kita sorang je yang rasa benda ni susah. Tapi jangan sampai lupa satu benda, Allah tu selalu ada dengan kita. Whenever we feel down, mintak kekuatan dari Allah. Cry to Him, that is the best feeling.

Takde jalan mudah nak dapat something yang kita nak dalam hidup ni. One more, niat kita. Kalau baik niat kita, maka baiklah hidup kita. Tajdid niat always. Niat kerana Allah, Insya Allah jadi ibadah. I miss those words, Allahu....

 Next week mid sem, mohon tembakan doa. May Allah bless.

Have you ever feel this

Fatini Irdina | 12:57 PM | 0Comments |
So it's me Fatini making the same mistake again and again.  This isn't normal anymore. The normal thing be like; you make mistake, you realize, you back to Allah, repent,  don't make the same mistake anymore.  But I can't figure out why myself being so bad.  I make mistake,  I realize,  I repented,  BUT I KEEP REPEATING DOING THE SAME MISTAKE AGAIN AND AGAIN :(((((((((

Yeah,  maybe it's okay for the first time.  They will say,  "manusia takkan lari dari kesalahan".  For the second time,  okay lagi memang manusia sifatnya lemah. But when it comes for many times,  hwarghhh I don't know how to describe, I'm really weak :(((

Have u ever been in that kind of situation?  Rasa hina sangat right? Tapi Allah itu Maha Pengampun.  THE ANSWER IS DOA. I'm trying yeah,  and will not giving up.  The only one yang ada time kita susah,  perlukan bantuan. The one who will listen to your tears.  We live to serve Him. Reflect ourselves. What have we done with our life.

To myself,  whatever you do,  BETULKAN NIAT. I know my niat is going to menyeleweng somewhere. huhu.  First thing first, buat benda sebab Allah.  Belajar sebab ilmu,  sebab Allah cinta orang yg berilmu. Dengan ilmu,  nanti kita boleh tolong orang lain.  Kita boleh sebarkan Islam dengan ilmu. Naikkan Islam dengan ilmu.

"Woke up today knowing that Allah sees my situation clearly than I do! Whatever life throws at me, He is with me. I don't need to worry."

"Ya Allah, distract me from distractions and bring me back to the reality!"
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