20, A doctor in making


hold on

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Only at your lowest point, you will know who is there for you.

The answer is no one...

except Allah 😭😭😭

Tq Allah for giving me this feeling, for making me realize that I cannot depend on anyone in this world except You. 

Tq Allah for always there with me :)

Selamat Hari Ibu

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Only got 4% batery right now and while waiting for Subuh, why not I write something right.

Yeah it's about my mom. I love her so much. She is one of the strong woman that i've ever seen. She always support me whenever I need it. She is one of my strength in this life. She has sacrificed a lot for me. Only Allah can repay her kindness.

I hope one day, I will make her proud. I will make her smile. I want to be a good daughter to her. I know with my career in this medical field, I will not have so much time for my family, but I will try to spend as much time for her.

I really want to repay her kindness. I just really really want to be a good daughter for my parents. May Allah always bless her, give her health and happiness all the time.

I love you so much umi.

I promise to study hard, to become a good doctor, for ummah and for you.

Because one day, I really want to make you happy to see me.

Thank you umi for giving me birth, for raising me, for be patience with me.

I may not a good daughter before, but im trying to change to be a good one.

sorry for my bad attitude umi.

Thank you so much, I love you a lot 💖