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Happy Birthday Sayang

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Assalamualaikum, hello and cheers everybody XD

Going to talk about someone. Insan yang Allah telah hadirkan sementara dalam kehidupan aku. Insan yang meninggalkan banyak kenangan manis bersama. The person that I miss so much. The one who had taught me something about life. But Allah loves him more. And he is, my forever beloved lil brother, Arwah Ammar Amzar (2007-2011). I don't know if I am that strong to write this entry about him. But I'll try to complete my entry.

His birthday was on 13 September. And I bet this picture was his last celebrated birthday. He loves ben10 so much so am I. I miss the moment that we watched ben10 till midnight. I asked him to sleep but he told me he wanted to finish the movie. Besides, he had a lot of Boboiboy CD Collection. I still save the video that he was singing Boboiboy Theme Song happily. He said he was the superhero Boboiboy and Along (me) is Gopal. (how could him haha). He also loved ultraman, tom and jerry and his CDs collections and toys are still safely kept in a box of memory.

Four of us at that time. He was a happy go lucky lil boy. The only son in the family. He always gang with abah when me, angah and Achik grouped with umi. 

And orang paling rapat dengan dia ialah acik. Yeah, I noticed that Acik had acted so different after he had gone. Arwah Ammar was her playing partner at that time.

And I miss him so much :(

I found this on my mom's fb. He draw this at his age of 5. Rindu nak dengar adik baca ABC. Serious dik, rindu adik.

With his beloved sisters of course.

Too cute but now tinggal kenangan.

I still kept his chipmunks collection,

He is our warrior. Forever will be <3

Along-Angah-Achik-Ammar-Falisha....Forever in my heart.

Could not ever describe how much we miss his smile, his voice, his cute action and everything about him. But I know Allah loves him more. Tunggu Along dekat syurga ye Adik Ammar. I believe that Allah will gather us completely with umi, abah, angah and Falisha together in Jannah. Allahumma amin.

Couldn't write anymore.Moga Adik Ammar ditempatkan di kalangan orang yang beriman dan beramal soleh. Amin :)

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