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Descendants of the Sun

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HELLO PEOPLE!! Okay, i know this is an unusual post, but i would like to suggest you guys to watch this kdrama.

Descendants of the Sun was fully pre-produced before airing which is a departure from the live-shoot production format that characterizes most Korean dramas.[5] The drama is Song Joong-ki's comeback project after serving his two years of mandatory military service.[6]On June 12, 2015, lead actors Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo filmed their first scene in Seoul.[7] On September 28, 2015, the entire cast and crew (including the two leads as well as supporting actors Jin Goo, Kim Ji-won, Kang Shin-il and Onew) departed for Greece.[8] The team resided in the country for approximately a month to shoot episodes crucial to the drama's plot.[9][10] According to Greek news portals and blogs, filming mainly took place in ZakynthosArachova and Lemnos.[11]On November 25, 2015, it was announced that actor Song Joong-ki injured his arm while filming an action scene for the drama on November 23. Two days later, his agency made an update on the actor's condition. Upon closer examination, doctors determined Song had also suffered a damaged ligament to his right knee in addition to the fractures in his arm. Filming continued with other actors and scenes that did not require Song's presence. On December 7, 2015, Song Joong-ki returned to work only 2 weeks after he was injured and spotted filming at a station in Seoul.[12][13][14]According to industry insiders, the crew wrapped up the last shoot in the early morning of December 30, 2015.[15]

Okay, why i suggest you to watch this:
1) this drama will inspire you well if you want to serve for your country
2) scene dia seriously cantik
3) pupuk semangat patriotisme
4) the actors and actress are perfectly done their best
5) soundtrack drama ni best, my fav: "always" and "you are my everything"
6) ada joong ki hahahaha okbye
7) sebenarnya banyak lagi yang tak terdescribe

To those yang terlepas ep yang belakang-belakang tu, you can watch them here;

I don't want to talk much, just watch it!! Serious takkan menyesal~

Nota kaki: Pray for my MARA INTERVIEW this SATURDAY :)

don't give up

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helloo im still here..... i think i need a treatment to sleep early, seriously i should to. lol i still dont start my essay to be sent by this 20th March tbh i dont have any idea yet to start. ok forget it. tonight i was checking my email (the latest one is almost all about scholarship huhu #sistabah), then i checked my sent email, and i found this kind of backup msg email (as usual the important one i must have a back up on my email), i look through the attachment and guess what i found..................

yeah you sent me these words on 2014, and i found it back on 2016.
Like you said, you won't give up, so pls don't ever give up in your life. i know you as the one yg sgt high spirit, very determined and ada matlamat hidup yg jelas.... while me, still cant decide what i want to be right now.

Keep in faith....be the one yg tak berputus asa like before, and believe that rezeki semua ni is fromm Allah... And your turn will be there :) Just dont stop praying, and keep praying, asking Him to give you the best. Solat Dhuha + Surah Al-Waqiah, everyone should try this, because i've tried and it works......All praise is to Allah..

dear bestfriend, as you are one of the closest person to me, i think i have know you very well..we had shared stories, my trusted person ....... and i feel bad if you ever feel down..... to be honest i want to say that, jangan pernah hilang semangatmu, bcause your spirit used inspired me well before...well, if you think looking back make you feel down, please don't. open the new chapter and focus on your next goal. what past is past. jangan down, learn from the mistakes and be a better person...........show to the world your dream!!.....i know you can do it dear!!

We had went through ups and down. like my friend used to say, this is just roda kehidupan sedang berpusing, but once you are high, don't be too over-confident, or over-reacted. Be grateful to Him because all the things that you have in this world is from him.. Alhamdulillah :)

"let's struggle now and celebrate later"

don't give up, i love you hahaha ok jangan kecam.
Sincerely from:
your cutest fatini

spm leaver

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Assalamualaikum, hello and cheers everybody XD

A week after 3rd March.... Alhamdulillah summalhamdulillah... everything went well. I know He is the best planner. Thanks Allah for what i've achieved in my life.... i know that's all from You... I would also thanks everyone, esp my family, teachers and friends.... they ate my backbone...  Thank you for the prayer.

Thank you teachers for what you'd given to me;
From SK Kamil 1 to SK Kampong Nara to SCIPP to SMK Kamil to KISAS
Only Allah can repay your deed.... may Allah bless you always.

I know that everyone has their own definition of success. But believe me, the real success is when you finally manage to turn back to Allah, when you finally manage to step your foot in jannah, that is the true success.

Even if you manage to get flying colours result, but back then you feel you are great enough, riak, and takabbur.... you are slowly about to fail or you are actually a looser (i wrote this for myself too)

I have a friend who i respect her so much especially in time management. Tenang je rasa bila dengan dia. Paling respect bila solat on time. Selalu ajak solat dhuha sekali dulu although we are not bestfriends or being too close. Ingat lagi time malam tu dekat mall, dia tengok jam and tanya dah masuk waktu Isyak ke belum, then dia ajak cari surau and solat isyak.... huhu masa tu rasa respect gila kat dia, padahal boleh je solat isyak kat rumah.... malu dengan diri sendiri pun ade.. thank you friend for this precious lesson.
Dan she is a successful person and better than me even though she didnt manage to get flying colours result. Sebab rezeki semua Allah yg bagi, cepat atau lambat je yg menentukan.

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