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Kuala Nerang

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Hello everybody.

Still not too late to wish "Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha" to all muslims in the world. Today is 16th September 2016, which is known as Hari Malaysia. So, Happy Malaysia Day to all~

I'm still at home, and still have 2 days more to be spent wisely(?) here. And Insya Allah I will be home again on November 2016, after final and MUET ((hwaaaaaarghh))

Still glad to be at home even though just for a week, because there's somebody outside there that did not even manage to get holiday like us on Raya Haji. Stay strong gaissss. Haha. Like usual, got a lot of assignment to do, even though it is called a holiday and time should be well spent with family, but hmmmmm there's only one word to comfort me, "RESPONSIBILITY". Even right now, actually I'm spending time to write something in this blog so that it will not get "bersarang" while waiting for lot of files to be downloaded hwarghh.

So, while waiting for those files, let me tell you a bit about my place right now, which is KUALA NERANG!!!

Haha so i guess ramai yang tak tahu or kurang tahu pasal kuala nerang ni. Because i got the same thought at first when i got the offer to KMKN. Seriously mula-mula ingat Kuala Nerang ni kat Terengganu bcs it quite same to Kuala Berang but it is obviously not!!!

Yeah like you guys think, Kuala Nerang ni memang agak pedalaman sikit. So, when I mentioned pedalaman, what will be in your mind? Macam dah boleh agak kan suasana dia cane. Hahahaha. It's about sejam from Alor Star and pekan dia memang kecik pun, but don't worry, setakat almost 4 bulan kat sini, I still can survive there and Im sure I will miss Kuala Nerang after this. 

Even though it is kawasan yang terpencil, where it's quite hard to get phone line (Celcom is the most okay so far) , tapi there's a lot of unique things here. I mean at KMKN. Hehe. Kuala Nerang ada KFC pun dah kira okay dah tu. We all harap nanti ada pizza pulak. Kah kah. Sebab pizza hut pokok sena tak sampai delivery ke kuala nerang huhu. 

Antaranya ialah ketenangan nak belajar. Because there's no mall or other gangguan like that in kuala nerang, makan pun sedap and free kat DS enn, memang tak payah nak serabut fikir pasal makanan. And takde gangguan nak keluar tiap hari tengok wayang ke apa. Kalau nak tengok movie, boleh je outing hari Sabtu pergi Aman Central. Takdelah terkongkong sangat hidup dalam kolej je. Tu main point kat sini. Haha.

Banyak ah lagi kalau nak citer, tapi assignment is waiting!!!

Kalau free, moh le ke konerang melawat cek kat KMKN :)