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Words can heal

Fatini Irdina | 4:23 PM | 0Comments |
People said maybe words can heal. So maybe writing this will heal, maybe....

Not going to say much, because maybe Im writing this because of these distracted feelings. I dont know why. Sometimes, im too much overthink about something.

I could feel that Im going to lose someone, or maybe I had lost already or maybe im too overthink about this. Yeah, maybe im the only who feel this right now. Feeling like got no longer close person to share stories when Im down, and really need. But still fine, just need time to heal or time to understand better and also be more matured in everything. Come one girl, you are 18 already. Dont be this weak. Got a lot of things to think.

Sometimes I just want to give up, but the good old time didnt let me to.

Im fine. It just a feeling, yeah. I will be stronger. Dear you, sorry for distracting much. Sorry for cant understand well. Sorry for not being well. Hoping you will always stay fine, and all the best!

Oh Menders, mend this soul so that I can feel much better.

My MUET and FINAL EXAM are coming soon. Pray for me.