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Chin up girl

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Don’t just exist; do something meaningful with your life. Discover a problem and fix it.

Don’t just fit in; make it a point to brighten your corner. Decide to resolve your challenges. 

Don’t just manage; go extra mile and win your race. Never give up the fight. You will win.

Don’t just be able; always make sure you are available. Be present to make a change.

Don’t just be alive; once you have arrived, find the reason why and make that reason accomplished.

Don’t just wish; be passionate about what you wish to see happen. Rise up and make it happen.

Don’t just create; create to change; change to improve; improve to increase. Aspire to inspire.

Don’t just be making a living; make a life and leave an indelible footstep wherever you step.

Life phase

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So hi everybody.
Finally, im enjoying my time at home after struggling with my final exam for semester 1. Praying for the best, may Allah give the best for me and my friends, amin:) This first week is still like an enjoying holiday because for the next weak, Im gonna start my research with my research team for our biology subject. I really hope everything's gonna be okay as THIS IS MY VERY FIRST EXPERIENCE TO DO THIS. May Allah ease and we can get a positive result, Amin:)

So far, college life is fun. Having new friends is totally fun. There must be a reason why Allah put me there with them. There must be a reason for everything happens to us. Why this why that, there must be a reason that maybe we don't understand yet, but for sure it is the best for us. Keep believing Him :)

I love my new friends here. My roomates, my classmates, my batchmates, they are the boom. Feeling so blessed to have them in life. To be more accurate, im so blessed to have everyone that I have right now in my life <3

I dont even have time to count how many friends do I have. Since we are in year 1, we already got bestfriend. Year 2 another bestfriend. Rasanya time sekolah rendah dulu macam tiap tahun tukar bestfriend hahahaha. But I had been study in 5 schools during my school life and for sure I got a lot of friends (even though bukannya ingat sangat pun hehe :p) Well, people come and go in our life, and only the best will stay <3

And right now I really miss that one person, the best buddy that I have ever had :(((((( It's been a long time not to have a war-play with you. Got a lot of stories to tell you baby but I know, it's not the best time yet to share. Huhu can I know when is the time? #pleasecomehomemydear Missing people is hurt you know. Really hurt especially when you read back your old conversation (try to avoid this, but I can't), auchhhh that's the most hurting part. But it's okay :) I am preparing myself to be stronger even it will take time, I'll try. I will understand things better. Bcs I know, this journey still got long time to go. Should stick in mind, what comes first, we will cross the line with glory, together :)

Got a song to dedicate for, in case the person has already forgotten,
"you are my sunshine
 my only sunshine
 you make me happy when skies are grey
you'll never know dear how much I love you
Please dont take my sunshine away 😭"

Let's struggle now and celebrate later :)

Nota kaki: Pray for my research :')