19, A doctor in making


Before degree

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Harini sumpah la bosan yang teramat. Was watching SEA GAMES before, but my little sister said that it is her turn to watch her cartoon, so i give up because i am a very cool sister (lol)

Feeling quite not sihat beberapa hari ni, keep batuk and sakit tekak, maybe sebab cuaca because i have asthma (huh) tapi now feeling much better.

Counting days before my degree starts, actually there is one thing that i wish to do - meet my friends before they start their degree (most of IPTA registration is on the first week of September)

But.....yeah it is a 'but'.......hahaha

i don't know lah.

Seems like everyone is busy and i'm the only one yang still mereput di rumah.

Tapi takpelah, ada rezeki nanti we can gather. Hoping so, really do ;)

Btw, good luck for degree everyone.

Life will change. You will meet more new people, new friends, or jodoh maybe? *wink*


Till to write more later.

Love, Tini.

A beautiful morning

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Yeay waking up to a beautiful morning and it is almost to the end of August already. How fast time flies :'( Having a cup of coffee while listening to my favourite songs, scrollong down instagram pictures (what a boring life i have *sigh*) and suddenly found a picture that lead me to post something on my blog today.

Btw, i promised to myself during foundation time in KMKN before that i will never consume nescafe during my holidays, but seem today i broke that promise haha. But this coffee seems like too much sweet hoho although Im a Kelantanese, but i dont like sweet things too much (but i love sweet action hewhew). But, it's not nescafe la, just kopiko but STILL I CONSUME CAFEIN HAHAHAHA

Yaa this morning also when i checked my phone, my friends are busy discussing about the registration stuff on whatsapp group while me still got no mood on doing anything (but luckily i already did that medical checkup thing- not so bad la kan hewhew). But, i think i already get another 1% of spirit to make it being installed for 2% now kah kah. It is because  i went to meet my sister on last Saturday because we talked about how med school is, and things related to it and so on.

I just unprivate my blog and got no much view since it tapi takpe i dont mind sangat pun pasal viewer. BUT I REALLY REALLY HOPE THAT MY FAMILY, MY RELATIVES AND ESPECIALLY MY FRIENDS WILL NEVER FIND OUT THIS BLOG ((please ya Allah)). hehe takdelah, as long as i can share what's on my mind with others and one day i can read back what have i written along the journey to be me, well I am me =)

Got many chores to do, so stay tune Insya Allah will try to write more whenever i have ideas *wink*


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Hi gais. Feeling like want to back here again, so here is me.
The new blog doesnt have that kind of expressing truly from the heart (kah kah), so i decide to back on this blog so hello world!!!!!!

Memandangkan semua orang dah prepare nak masuk degree, while me and ma geng still enjoying cuti yang tersangat lah lama (sumpah bosan lol)

ok lah back to tajuk kat atas tu.

"Why MEDIC?"

Jeng jeng jeng.......

k hambar hahahahaha.

Soalan dia sumpah senang gila tapi jawapan...................masya Allah even kau google pun tak jumpa sebab benda tu actually ada dalam diri sendiri.

Nak jadi ceritanya...

First time aku nak jadi doktor ni masa darjah 2, sebab masa tu ada cerita "Cinta Medic" kat TV9. Tapi biasalah cita cita ni selalu berubah ubah, lol nampak sangat tak kuat pendirian en.

Sampailah nak form 5 tapi still tak tahu cita cita yang sebenarnya then i just applied for any scholarship yang layak, and only MARA offer MEDIC luar negara. I went for interview but i know i did not perform well so tak mengharap sangatlah nak dapat MARA ni.

And bila result MARA keluar, tak expect pun dapat, and bila tengok kod, rupanya MARA offer kos perubatan kat dalam negara which is foundation setahun kat KMKN and MBBS kat RCMP for 5 years.

You know what, i never know pun kewujudan KMKN before this hoho... and i never expect to study there and went to RCMP. Tapi tulah nak cakap, aturan Allah tak pernah salah. He knows the best for us :')

What i want to say is.....be strong myself, you can face it!!

Setakat hari ni hasil daripada perbualan dengan senior senior, takde sorang pun lagi yang cakap nak jadi doktor ni senang, ye takde benda yang senang pun kat atas dunia ni actually.

Aku hanyalah menaip ketika ini sebagai status ku yang hanyalah bakal pelajar perubatan September nanti, so memang masih terlalu awal untuk aku cerita panjang panjang.

yakinlah semua bahawa jalan cerita kita Allah dah susun cantik cantik. Insya Allah doakan aku dan kawan kawanku yang bakal melanjutkan pelajaran ke Unikl Royal College of Medicine, Perak.